5 Effective Ways To Lose All The Fat You Want

Most all of us, at one time or another, have wanted to lose weight, especially around our midsection or thighs. What we found out was it was easier to put it on then to take it off. While that statement "appears" to be true, it really isn’t.

Our body is designed to naturally store food for later use, which is why we hold onto it all to well. Everything is synced up for storage. What we have to do is sync our body to want to quit storing and to use everything right now. With that in mind, here are five ways to lose all the fat you want.

How to Lose All the Fat You Want

How To Lose All The Fat You Want

Clean Up Your Diet

This of course is the number one reason we gain weight. We are eating the wrong foods. Consider for a moment if your diet consisted only of donuts. Sure, every "health-nut" in the world will say that as long as you’re only eating your allotted calories, you won’t gain weight … do you honestly think that will happen?

That’s because no matter what, you have to watch what you eat. It is a good idea to balance your diet around a 40/30/30 plan or 40% protein, 30% fat and 30% carbs. Or in simpler terms, eat more meats and vegetables, drink milk and eat cheese and avoid sugary foods.

Eat More Often

Instead of eating two or three meals a day, try to break your meals down into smaller portions. And, while you are doing it, add a few more calories to it. Most of us sabotage our bodies by trying to limit how much we eat. We have news for you … that’s why your body wants to store everything.

It’s constantly trying to protect itself from starvation. Stop starving yourself. Eat more frequently and let your body know you are there for it. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

Eat More Fat

Does this mean go out and load that sandwich up with tons of Mayonnaise? Absolutely not! Instead, include fish products in your diet or take Fish Oil supplements. If you give your body good fats, then it will push out more bad fats. The bad fats are the ones that cause your heart to clog up and cause pre-mature health issues and can even be fatal.

Sleep More

Studies have shown that those who sleep seven or more hours a night tend to lose weight faster. This is because the body has time to actually recuperate from all the activities that we impose upon it. In doing so, it also reduces our cortisol levels and cortisol actually causes our body to want to store fat.


And finally, when you want to lose weight, exercise. Exercise uses “extra” energy, food stores that we have safely tucked away, to keep you going. When you exercise, you create a calorie deficit and in do so you actually will start to lose weight.

Starting out, you want to keep things simple so you don’t burn out. Once you are comfortable with your routine, push a little hard so you don’t flat line … or stop losing weight.

So, there you have it. Five ways to lose all the fat you want. These five steps will sync your body up to quit storing and actually using what you are feeding it. You’ll find out you can eat more and actually still lose weight. So, stop wishing and make it happen, starting right now.