5 Steps To A Healthier Life

Being healthy is much more than just not being fat. All too often we associate a healthy person with someone who is skinny. If being skinny is all that is needed to be healthy, then there are a lot of “skinny-fat” people, people with massive stores of fat who don’t weigh much, who have everyone fooled.

So, how does one truly become healthy? We have compiled five steps which will help you get beyond losing weight and actually help you become healthier.

I Want to be Healthier!

I want to be healthier

Find A Way To Relieve Stress

Stress is our way of coping with situations that we don’t have much control over. The problem with stress is that it is not good for your body, and it can even kill you.

Stress creates a chemical imbalance in our body and changes how we react to the stimuli around us. In doing so, stress can inadvertently cause us to expend more energy than we need to, keeping organs from working at optimal performance. Some of the most affected organs are the intestines and reproductive organs … ever heard of someone getting stomach ulcers from stress?

For someone who has a lot of stress in their life, it is a good idea to find a way to channel that nervous energy. Yoga and meditation are two great ways to reduce stress in your life. Both are easy to do, cheap and can be performed almost anywhere.

Set Positive Goals

We are a goal based society. Most of us want to be more successful than our counterparts. In this, our goal is consistently changing. We never find true satisfaction with ourselves. However, that wasn’t the case when we were kids and most of us can admit, we were happier as kids.

So, set goals like you did when you were a kid. Instead of setting a goal that can change with the tides, set a goal that you can obtain in the short term; one that you will not change because someone else got a promotion or a new house. As kids, we didn’t really care about who did what, we knew we wanted to be an Astronaut and we worked hard at it. Of course, now we can set “real” goals and work towards that.

Change Your Diet

Yes, being healthy still requires us to be a healthy weight. To do this, we simply have to balance our diet. Does that mean you can’t have a McDonald’s burger every now and then? Of course not! What it does mean is that you can’t make McDonald’s your number one stop every week.

Instead, focus on getting a good mixture of vegetables, dairy and meats in your daily schedule. For some this will be difficult. If you find yourself struggling to do this, plan your meals out a week in advance and focus on keeping everything balanced. You’ll find that you can eat vegetables like crazy and stay fairly healthy.


Exercise can be healthy in two ways. One it will help you lose weight which will help you with your physical appearance and your “fat” stores. Secondly, exercise increases our endorphin level which makes us feel good. Remember the stress we talked about earlier? Exercise can help reduce that!

Now, you don’t have to become a gym rat to exercise. In fact, you can simply start walking a mile everyday and that’s it. Of course, you can always add more into your routine if you find that too simply. You just about can’t overdo exercise when it comes to being healthy.

Take Your Vitamins

And finally, make sure to take your vitamins. As adults, we tend to associate vitamins with our childhood (again, is this a bad thing)? In fact, it is proven that we do not get all the vitamins, minerals and other “good things” we need from our normal diets. When this happens, we can take some vitamins or supplements and our body is back into its naturally rhythm.

So now you have five steps to improve your overall health. These five steps will help improve your physical and mental state of being. In following these steps, you’ll notice that you see things differently, feel better physically, will have more energy and you’ll appreciate life more. So, if you’ve ever said to yourself, "I want to be healthier next year", then your time has come.